Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Night in Bangkok

Or three.
You know when you are going through the airport and you see those nearly homeless looking people. The ones carrying large backpacks. The ones who look as if they haven't showered in days. Well.... that was me for the last eleven days. I have been that homeless looking backpack carrying traveler. And I loved it.
I did not wear makeup. I did not fix my hair. I did shower though, twice a day, though you would probably not be able to tell that.
I have spent the last week in Thailand. I walked city streets. I stayed in hostels. I hiked. I rode river rafts. I rode scooters. I swam. I rode elephants. I rode trains. I jumped in the back of pick up trucks that looked as though they should be carrying live stock. I para-sailed. I ate on the beach. I have bug bites. I have a sun burn and more freckles than I left with.
I have a new set of amazing memories and I'm so thankful for each and every one of them.

More to come as soon as I can.


Jeannie Reeves Photography said...

Wow wow wow wow.. How cool! I cant wait to see your photos of your visit.

JAR said...

Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your great adventure!

Louise said...

What an amazing adventure!! I am really looking forward to seeing your photos.

Kara said...

Can't wait for more!

Did Park make it home yesterday? Our roads were FINE.

Stacey J. said...

May be a while before I get the rest up. Packing needs to be done first....and a little sleeping.

Park did make it home. I was sooooo happy to see him. The roads were crap on the way down, but mom and dad said they were fine going home.

Lisa Walsh said...

Ohmygosh I'm so jealous!!! I can't wait to see more pictures.