Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snug as a Bug

I've been living out of suitcases and boxes since November 5th. Last night I hung up my last piece of clothing in its perfect place to live. (My clothes didn't have a place to live for a few days last week, which as most of you know throws my life into turmoil. )
We moved during the coldest week of the year. It was 20 below last Wednesday and I was hauling load after load into the old house. (There were 4 U-haul loads made along with the movers that kindly moved my furniture for me) Its windows on the front porch iced over several times, but I didn't mind. It was beautiful to come home to at night. It wasn't exactly the most ideal week to move. Our pipe burst. Our bed broke. The screen door locked itself and wouldn't open again without being completely taken off. I am sharing a bathroom. Something I have never done in my whole life (except for the first year in college, which I'm sure I drove my roommate insane with all the hair products, toothpaste and other required girl things.) My puppy has ran off three times only to come back to my thundering whistle. (yes, I whistle louder than anyone I know....) My feet are cold and I have now taken up wearing slippers on the hard wood floor, something I forgot about whilst having carpet for the last few years. The fluffy furniture didn't fit into the unfinished basement and were sold on Craigslist in a matter of hours. There was bickering. There were scratches left in places I didn't want. I'm so tired that I don't remember going to sleep at night most of the time.
However... of all the things gone wrong, I can honestly say, I'm insanely happy. I love the old house. I love how I will make it mine. I love that my family is adjusting so well (even the animals, and even the ones that need to romp around the neighborhood from time to time), I love the uninsulated windows of the front porch. I love that I can again dance in my kitchen.


Louise said...

It's great that things are moving along now for you, especially with Christmas coming so soon. Enjoy your new old home! :)

Lisa Walsh said...

I'm so happy for you, I was smiling throughout your whole post. I think some of us were MADE to love old houses, don't you? I, too, wear slippers to keep my feet warm on the hardwood. And speaking of hardwood, did you know that if you rub mayonnaise into a scratch on the floor it will help it blend in? It doesn't get rid of the scratch, but will make it less noticeable. A little tip from our contractors.

I look forward to many "old house" stories. I get so happy when someone adopts one!

Melissa said...

Girl, reading this I can tell you are so giddy!!! congrats! I love old houses, my husband and I bought an old farm house because it has been my dream all my life to have a big oh farm house with a wrap around porch. And it's what I have now. We have made so many changes to it in the last 3 years. I agree with the hardwoods, we tore all the carpet up and put in new hardwoods and they are beautiful but COLD this time of year so I wear fuzzy socks all the time. Me and my daugher sometimes move the furniture and run and slide over the floors hahaha it's so fun!