Friday, May 16, 2008

Ordinary Life

"Time stands still best in moments that look surprisingly like ordinary life" ~ Brian Adreas

This is the conversation I got to have today

Me: Park what did you make me today at school?

Park: A Kracker-Roo!!

Me: A Kracker- Roo!!! That's the most awesome Kracker-roo I have ever seen!!!!! What do you think a Kracker-Roo eats?

Park: Mac and Cheese

Me: Does the mamma keep her baby in her pocket?

Park: Yeah.

Me: What else does she keep in that pocket?

Park: Rocks.

Me: Really? That's very interesting. Where do you think the Kracker-Roo lives?

Park: In Twees.

Me: In trees? No way!!!!

Park: MY twees. Parker's twees mamma!!!!

Me: We should see if there are any Kracker-Roos in our back yard.

Park: There are.


Kara said...

I hope there are Kracker-Roos in my trees, because they're super cute!!

Krismisstree said...

Stacey--I saw these today and thought of you and a recent post :) Macaroni and Cheese CRACKERS. They are shaped like macaroni noodles and come in cheddar or white cheddar flavor (I saw them at Safeway here). Didn't try them, I was actually a bit afraid of them :)

Stacey J. said...

I've seen those. They kinda scare me too actually!!!!