Monday, May 12, 2008

The Wolf Can't Blow This One Down

The first little pig had something going when he decided to build his house out of straw...he just should have gone a little further with it. Been just a little more creative. I got to spend a couple hours in a real house made of straw this past weekend. It was possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It was not extravagant. It was simple. Elegant. Full of windows (a natural light photographers dream come true) and open. I immediately fell in love and felt as if I should move in. I'm sure no one would notice me or all my clothes. And shoes. Or the two year old attached to my hip.

I wanted to photograph the whole house a million times over, but felt a little silly. This is in the house. It's a portion of the wall without the finishing over it. Amazing.

Oh... and this is the reason I was there. He graduated. Finally. (Just kidding A. ) Congrats!! He and his dad built the house together. Some pretty talented men, that's for sure. They are sure inspiring.

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