Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

So I saw a picture in a magazine a few months ago that I thought I needed to try this week. It took me a good 3 hours to figure this one out. Luckily...there are videos. I love videos for learning and making things. In the olden days, one would have to go to the library, get a book, drive all the way home and then try to figure it out with pictures. Now.... I just watch a quick video. Technology. Some days I love it.

So here is the video I watched, and watched and watched. Origami is harder than I thought it would be. Then I became a little obsessed with the little flowers. I was making them at the dinner table.

We don't exactly have an overabundance of cherry blossoms around here, and I've never been fortunate enough to visit the East in the Spring to see them. (It's on the list), so I decided to make my own. Mind you they are a little different, but you still get the picture. Plus.......little boys LOVE to collect sticks! It would probably look more realistic if the sticks were darker.


sherrieg said...

I love how crafty you are! They look fantastic! :)

Beth said...

Very creative!