Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Keeper

While I love the tradition of coloring Easter eggs and it's always a big night at my house, I sometimes like to make things with my kiddo that I can keep for the next year. So... this year we made one, just one, because A. that's all I had in the fridge as I was a little lazy about going to the grocery store whilst it was blizzarding out and B. that's all the attention span my kiddo has. (Epsecially when he doesn't feel well) I've learned not to push him too far unless he's really interested in things.

We decoupaged an egg. I had to blow it out (yes I risked salmonella...I'm a rebel that way) which I had not done since 4th grade. It took longer than I remembered. And poking holes into eggs was also a little harder than I remembered. Next we just tore little pieces of paper and dipped them in a water glue mixture and stuck them on haphazardly. 3 year olds love haphazardness. Today I put some polyurethane on it to make it shiny (it's all I could find around the house!)

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Louise said...

A friend of mine is attempting Ukrainian Easter eggs this year. I think I'd much rather do what you did. Parker's egg looks great!!