Thursday, December 20, 2007


I've had a million projects going on in the last few weeks and today this one was a big mess and I had a blast making it. I made 36 jars of hot chocolate for friends and co-workers. I like to do a little something every year and I thought this was the least I could do. If I had more time, then I would do more, but alas I don't.

Making hot chocolate, if you've never made it, pretty much takes a horse trough in order to mix it up. There's A LOT. I just use a gigantic bucket like bowl. It pours over the edges and makes a big mess. I think it's funny when I end up with powdered sugar down the entire front of my doesn't really bother me.

Next comes the putting in of the hot chocolate into jars. Once again it heaps over the edges and flies all over because I 'm not patient enough to use one of those strainer things...I just dump it in there with a measuring cup. Once again...I don't really care if powdered sugar has now gotten into my hair and is finding it's way down my doesn't really bother me.

Now to properly drink hot chocolate you must have whipped cream...homemade if you have it lying around (which I just happen to most of the time). I don't go for marshmallows....whip cream is just...fluffier and dreamier. It's also nice to drink it out of a fancy mug....makes you feel special.

And then once you have kids you have to give all of it to them...even in your fancy mug that you made just for yourself....because they are sugar monsters and can never get in point...look at him licking his lips before he even has a drink.
And then they drink every last drop of it and end it by saying....."chocolate...good". either that or that make such a mess of your special fancy mug you will have to take a special scraping sponge to get it clean and you don't even want to touch it let alone drink out of it.

but....I let him drink every last drop anyway because really who could resist those eyes?

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Holly said...

Loved the post and all the pictures. It's such a cheery topic. :-)