Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mr. Big Stuff

Meet Oliver. He just had a hair cut and he looks like a little stud muffin so I took his picture to make him feel good about himself. (yes he's that kind of dog...he needs a self confidence boost every now and again and this just happens to do the trick). You'll notice his trendy shirt...my son makes him wear it everyday (and yes I'm that kind of dog owner that buys cute clothes for my dog).
I just thought I'd share my little Oli...he makes our days bright and I love seeing him dressed for the holidays so I thought you might as well!


Kara said...

I'm surprised he sits on that long enough to take a picture! My dogs would be jumping off.

We'll miss you guys on Sunday! Take pictures for us so we can pretend we were there. :) I had Brady and Brecken had Parker- I sent the gifts with Craig and Lennie so hopefully you get them. Parker will fall in love with his. Sorry- it makes noise. :)

Stacey J. said...

Oliver is quite a model. He loves it.
I'm sending yours back with Lennie and Craig. Is that okay...I thought you would all be seeing each other sometime, right? Noises are good I don't mind them!!! Got your card today...cute picture. I was suprised it didn't have dye cut edges though. You should have told me and I would have made them send you new ones beacause they weren't too close to the edge.

Kara said...

There was a note in my order saying the wallets weren't dye cut because it would've cut too much off the picture. It also said I could send them back and they'd cut them, but I didn't want Josh's head cut off so I just cut them myself. It was no big deal. :)

I'm glad you don't mind noisy toys. I don't either!! In fact, B's babysitter just gave him a Leapfrog Alphabet Bus this afternoon and we've been dancing to the music it makes all evening!

We're doing Christmas with Craig and Lennie on the 29th, so sending them with those two is perfect!