Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Today is a day of celebration! First of all it's National Pancake Day! I'm one of those crazy types of people, that if there anything special to celebrate on a particular day.....I'm celebrating! Today I got free pancakes from IHOP. I had no idea they were giving them away when we walked in the door, and then elated when not only did we get free pancakes but animal balloons as well. Seriously, does it get much better? You can get free pancakes as well, just go visit the nearest pancake house. (You can also help out a great cause by visiting there today!)

National pancake day can also be related to Shrove Tuesday which is the way the Irish/English celebrate Marti Gras. (the day before lent begins) I personally like to celebrate it like the southern french did... with jambalaya and kings cake (which I will be eating plenty of later thanks to my carrot stealing brother-in-law.)

Happy Fat Tuesday all!!!!


Jeannie Reeves Photography said...

man I wish I would of read this early today... then I would of ate more all day long and of course ordered those yummy banana pancakes this morning from that little cafe.. oh well. LOL

Kate said...

Stacey, loved talking with you last night about your Lenten plan. I think what you've chosen to "give up" is admirable and I truly believe you will succeed.

See you this afternoon. Shall I bring Starbuck's?

Becky Gregory Photography said...

Super cute! Love the way you can take something as simple as eating pancakes and make art!..That's talent!