Sunday, February 8, 2009

Messy Fun

Who could have possibly torn this cake to shreds? What kind of person has the table manners of a crazed maniac?
This is the culprit, and he thoroughly enjoyed every second of it!! (So did I!) Does it seriously get any more fun than this for a one year old? He celebrated his first birthday a couple days ago, and his mom was just as excited to let him dig into the cake one more time!

He's showing me just how it should be done!

Oh.. and he was clean before we started, pretty handsome if you ask me. He has the most friendly little smile!


1stLite Fine Art Portraits said...

Too cute, and certainly not one of the serious babies! I have a few of them too! lol
Have a Beautiful Monday!!

Misty said...

That cake looks soooo good and how cute is your little guy!!! I love them! :)