Saturday, February 14, 2009

Funny Little Valentine

I spent the morning in bed. For once. I actually jumped on the bed. For once. Park did too. Just once. Then he landed in a pile of hearts we cut out. But we didn't stay in bed too long....there were red balloons waiting for him.

And out we went. Into the quiet snow. (Well I had to stop and get coffee first. Cinnamon Dolce' today... quite appropriate for the occasion!)

And he played for a minute. It was the best minute.

Then he was done. (this is the "I'm about to have a giant caniption if you don't put me back in the car, because my feet and hands are cold. my nose is cold, my hair is cold, my eyes are cold, my ears are cold, my chin is cold, my hiney is cold and I'm about to loose my brain because it's cold too" look. )


Christene said...

I'm in love with the 1st balloon pic! He is so handsome.

Kara said...

I know another little person that calls Parker "Park". Brecken saw all these pictures and goes, "Mommy! There's Park!" Love the pics on your bed- too cute!

Louise said...

Great pictures Stacey! I love the balloon pictures, especially the first one. Great composition!