Thursday, May 28, 2009

10 Things

I'm grateful that we measure height against walls instead of years now. (P.S.....polish cousins: I'm still the tallest girl right?!)

I'm grateful I get to travel smoothly in my used 1998 gold Saturn, which I am completely attached to, instead of this.

I'm grateful I have electricity (I'm sure I will receive a call from one of my parents about how they did not have electricity and woke up with frost on their eyebrows and how lucky I have been all my life to have had such conveniences)

I'm grateful I don't have to go outside to use one of these (unless I'm visiting my in-laws...they have one) I'm especially thankful I don't have to use a two story one because the snow is too high to use the first story)

I'm grateful for bathroom doors. Even though I never get to shut it of the hazards of having a toddler. I have to run fast and wash fast if I want any privacy!

I'm grateful for washing machines. Though I rarely do the the laundry....and the peices I do wash are washed by hand... so I might as well be living in the 1800's

I'm grateful for calculators and spreadsheets. though I do know how to count change back which is more than I can say for many youngsters these days.

I'm grateful for all the people at Anthropologie, Jcrew, and Ann Taylor and the various online vendors that hire out to sew my clothes so my mom doesn't have to anymore.

I'm grateful I don't have to eat veal out of a bucket. Or veal in general.
I am a little saddened my board is not as cheap as it used to be. It's a good thing though I don't have any more children as I would be out of luck at this place! I would probably have to have a gallon of wine to go though. Or two.


Kara said...

I love this post! And I love that out house. I giggle every time I drive past it!

Christene said...

Fantastic pictures Stacey! I really enjoyed this post :)

Lisa Walsh said...

Oh, that was a great post! I'm dying to know where you were. So cool.