Monday, May 11, 2009

So Different, But So Alike.

She looks pretty adorable doesn't she? I didn't really look anything like her when I was little. I was a little more ragamuffin looking with bright blond hair. And I wore bell bottoms and knickers...yes knickers. The cat in her lap.... was probably a barn cat that she tamed. She has a soft heart for little wild animals. I too tried to tame the dressing them in doll clothes and pushing them around in little shopping carts. We had different methods.

In fact, we have different methods for most things. My mom and I are complete opposites most of the time. We like different things. We eat different things. We look different. She's very classic. I'm more abstract. I'm athletic. She's.... well, not so much. But we do have one great thing in common. A thing that I didn't realize would make me so much like her until now. It's something that isn't understood or appreciated until it happens. We're moms.

I never really gave much thought to the work my mom put into being a mom....I took it for granted for so very long. Like most children do. And then one day... my life changed. I'm raising a child identical to myself in personality and stubbornness. Only I didn't become quite so until I was older. Mine was born that way. The daily struggles and laughter I have with him are amazing and frustrating together. And now I know what it was like for her.

Thank you mom for being my mom.

I had this all done yesterday...but I got a little distracted by resting instead.

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