Monday, May 11, 2009

A Little Boy's Needs

Little boys need tall grass. And sticks. And airplanes flying overhead. They need giggles. They need to dig for worms and to keep them as pets for a couple hours. They need ladybugs for luck. They need to pretend and make believe. They need sunshine. They need to bottle it up and keep it with them for the rainy days.


Louise said...

Wow, these are incredible photos Stacey. He is such a handsome guy! You're so right about little boy's needs. They are so different from little girl's needs. I had Hunter outside with a paintbrush today painting our deck (with water). He did that for about an hour. Then he played hockey with his pirate sword ... :)

Misty said...

Just beautiful! I love the PP on them...its perfect for this series! :)

Angie Hayes Photography said...

These make me smile!