Monday, May 4, 2009

Italian Soda

Back in the day, before my love affair with coffee ever began, I used to have a favorite drink treat. I would drink these on hot summer days, normally on payday because that's when I could afford a $3 drink and not feel bad about it. I would normally get some sort of tropical flavor with coconut, or kiwi or coconut and kiwi or coconut, kiwi and a twist of mango. I always dreamed of drinking them by the ocean. The ocean was always in my dreams back then and was still lingering there until I was 22, when I finally tipped my tooties in the deep blue for the first time in South America.

Today was a beautifully warm day and to celebrate the warm day we made these. My kiddo calls them vanilla pop. He's not as adventuresome as I am in the flavorings. Vanilla is his favorite. We don't drink them often, so they are special when we do.

And you can't have an Italian Soda without an umbrella. At least in my world you can't!

They are so simple to make, and you can make them as sweet or as mild as you want. You just need: Ice, Club Soda, Whipping Cream, and Flavoring. Pour a little flavoring into an ice filled glass, cover in club soda. Add whipping cream. Then if you want, you can whip the left over cream up and put it on top.


Stacey said...

Mmmmm...Italian cream sodas. My favorite!!! I used to drink at least one a day in the summer. My favorite is rasberry and vanilla. Yumm, now I have to go to the store and buy all the ingredients so I can drink them til I'm silly!!!

Kara said...

I LOVE Italian Sodas!! Yum! Now I want one!

The Lucas family said...

I used to drink these ALL the time as a kid. My mom and I would go to a coffee shop on a regular basis to drink these.