Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another One

Seems like around here there is constantly a project going on, if not two or three at a time. It's no wonder I can't keep up. Something is being painted, redone, hammered on, or broken at all times. This little project was done a couple weeks ago.

The first giant meal I cooked here, I felt lost in my kitchen. I just kinda kept wandering around. There were five other people in there with me and not once did I bump into them... it was a strange feeling. So.. I moved in some lonely furniture. I went to the antique store and picked up a little table with no top. I knew I could save it. I just knew I could. So home with me it went.

It's top got a new tile job via my husband...(with my vision of course!)

New knobbies. And a towel rack (which wasn't installed when I took these, but I didn't want to re-take them)

And now I have a place to stop when I'm cooking. A place that my little boy can reach with ease and I'm sure one day will tower over it (given the rate at which he's growing... he's lanky and skinny and TALL!) It's a place where the oranges sit (no I don't just have those there for decoration!) It's a place where cookie sheets sit to cool down. It's a perfect addition to the kitchen! Now... about those walls.....


JAR said...

Very nice! Love the new table!

boywva said...

Very nice job! It looks so pretty now and will be so handy.

Louise said...

That's beautiful. The after shot looks like a photo right out of Style at Home (a Canadian home magazine).

Lisa Walsh said...

Nice job! I wish I was as talented as you are or had half the energy!