Monday, September 6, 2010


We've been working with apples a lot lately. Had a couple projects in the works (but more on those later) so I thought it would be really fun to take Park to an apple orchard to go pick apples.  I found one that wasn't too far away. They were a "pick by reservation only" place and I graveled to get them to allow us to come on a holiday weekend to pick a few apples, explaing that this is the one and only weekend I can come between now and the end of October and how I would really really really love to see it. Not only did we get to pick apples...but we had the whole place to our selves. The farm animals. The picnic areas. The quiet. It was completely serene and beautiful. They are not a huge place yet as far as apple picking goes, but they have planted enough trees in the last few year to make it an awesome operation...when the trees get a little bigger.

We brought home mostly Macintosh apples. We ate them while we were there as well.... as there is just something about eating a freshly picked apple from the tree that makes it taste so much better!

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VELARian said...

Lovely shots you've got there. Fantastic!!!!