Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Ever Present Past

I had a boyfriend in 7th grade. I spent a good share of my time on the phone with him. (that's mainly what 7th grade relationships used to consist of right?) My dad had to  install an hour glass next to the phone and when it ran out of sand I had to drag myself out of the closet I had locked myself into (isn't that where all 7th graders talked on the phone before cell phones were invented?) and regrettably hang up. (before that though, there were a lot of "you hang up, no you hang ups...etc"...... typical seventh grade phone etiquette.)

Nearly 20 years later, on a brisk September morning, I found myself standing next to a river, with a handful of stones, handing them to a little boy who was patiently waiting for Thomas the Train to appear on the tracks across the way. We chatted about all kinds of things. He belongs to my 7th grade boyfriend and his beautiful wife (whom I spent a lot of track time with in high school, and whom I was soooo jealous of her hurdle form, it was always so much better than mine as was her hair (and still is!)!!)  They have two gorgeous children and make a wonderful family! I love the twists and turns and circles life makes.

Life is beautiful 
Life is surreal.
And I love it!
And I hope I get to have many many more days like this.

I also hope I get to make fun of my son's phone etiquette in the 7th grade...

She was giving me "that look"....

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