Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Night at the Museum (Ok it was day)

You know sometimes, when you are out walking with dogs, or outside in the country with them and they see a rabbit......they kind of loose their brain and go berserk. Well... the Dinosaur Museum is like that for my kiddo. He walks in and kind of goes berserk. Looses his brain and is so overstimulated that he doesn't know how to control himself! It's all very very very exciting for him. I went with him this time (he goes every time we're on that side of the state.)

I want to say thank you to the Wyoming Dinosaur Museum for treating my baby like the king of all things dinosaur while we were there. He was watching one of the paleontologist work and she came over to the window with a sign that read "Do you want a REAL dinosaur bone to take home?".....he about went into convulsions. He came home with an arm load of dino gear. Couldn't be happier!

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