Monday, November 8, 2010


Sometimes this is how I see him moving. He's a blur. Time is a blur. I have faint images and not so clear pictures. I can remember the colors and the smells.

But most of the time.... He's one of those kids that makes you pay attention. His questions are specific and thoughtful. Sometimes he has a hard time finding the right words he needs... but he gets his point across, and a lot of the time I see our time together clear as day.

He and I are walkers. We walk often. Especially lately. I can't make myself stay inside and he's getting to the age where TV (Noggin) is very very interesting and he doesn't want to miss his "shows" (Dino Dan) being the "mean" mom I am, he HAS to go with me. 90% of the time.....he loves it. We stayed out last night until dark. Exploring. We love exploring. It's the time I have with him that I'm not as distracted. The only "techie" device I carry is my camera....which sometimes is even too much for him.

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