Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Feline Companion

November 7th
I had a conversation with a friend today about all kinds of different made we want to come straight home and photograph my cat. I was never a dog person.....until I got one. But I have always been a cat person. I know, I know, that makes some people uneasy and someday I might be thought of as the crazy cat lady....but I don't really care.

Meet Libby. She's a princess. She's aloof. She's kinda snotty. She's prissy. She's mine. I've had her through trials and tribulations. I had her through the happiest moments in my life. She sat next to me in the bathroom through most of my pregnancy. She's slept next to me for ten years in the same spot. She's traveled the country. She head butts me when she's happy. She's caught on fire and survived. (That's a whole other story!) She has survived my brothers rath after scaring him for life. She's run away and returned. She's been lost too many times to count, yet she's still here with me.


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Well, she doesn't look at all spoiled! haha