Sunday, November 25, 2007

Italian Adventure

November 25th

I thought I would post now about Italy. The pictures are done and now I will tell you all about the adventure. We flew into Venice, over the tops of the Alps and landed in the the late evening. We had to take a boat taxi to the Island we were staying on which took a good 45 minutes. When we got there we had no Euros. No idea in which the direction our B&B was, which was only 200 meters from the dock. We walked around lost in Lido (the island) for a good hour before we found our way. That night we met Cody, Gizzy and Morgan, our cousins based in Germany that flew to Italy just to see us. We had dinner and our first Italian experience of gelatto. (ice cream) So good.
We spent the next two days exploring Venice. The stolen city. Gizzy told us the whole story, but I don't want to repeat it as I don't know if I will get it right. The city was quaint and winding and just like a maze for humans. The canals were as romantic as they look in the movies only you get surrounded by other people feeling the romance as well. While we were in Venice Brady fainted in the bathroom. Luckily he didn't hit his head or back on anything. He went down right on his legs though and hurt himself pretty bad. He was able to walk on it and was able to drive so we went onto Tuscany.

We stayed in the little town of Pienza in Cretaiole. This was a working farm/vineyard that rents out apartments on the property. If anyone ever wants to go to Tuscany, please stay there, you won't regret it. It's amazing. Isabelle the owner is amazing as well. She helped us with everything. Gave us wine upon our arrival and just sat down and talked with us about what we could do while we were there but also urged us just to relax. Tuscany was tranquil. It was just what you might think it to be like. I would go back in a heartbeat. The wine flows like water there. Naps are a requirement in the afternoon. Desert and cappicino are also a strongly advised. The pasta was magnificent. The cheese was stinky. I got really sick with a headcold while we were there that lingers even now. I've never been sick on a vacation so I struggled with this one. I felt it was hard to focus on the things I was suppose to.

Next we went to Rome. Busy, busy Rome. We saw everything we could in the couple of days we were there. The basilicas were huge and sacred. The piazza's were full of busy talkative people. Ancient Rome was amazing to see as was the Colosseum.

Just to prove we were there, as I didn't include these in the photoset on flickr, here are a couple photos of Brady and I on our adventure. Here is the link to the rest of the photos. Hope you enjoy!


Kara said...

How fun! I wish I could go to Italy. That's on my list of places to go someday. I would also love to go back to Ireland- that place rocked!

Stacey J. said...

Ireland does rock. I think I'll see Scottland before going back to Ireland though.