Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Harvest Farm

We made our annual trip to the Harvest Farm in Wellington Colorado this past weekend. It was a tad disappointing, at least for the adults. The prices were a little exorbitant. I would venture to guess they at least doubled, and that was just to park the car and go through the gate, AND you couldn't go to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin. I was really really disheartened over that. However, it was worth it to pay a little extra to see my blue-eyed blondie have fun. To see his facial expressions when he saw the animals in the petting zoo. (Anyone who has met my little one knows that his facial expressions are priceless...he's VERY expressive.)

And what do you know...in the middle of the corn maze he came trotting along right in front of us.

See what I mean by expressive!?

And even though the pumpkins were colorful and gorgeous, I decided to instead support one of my local vendors if they weren't going to let me trampse through the fields to pick my own. I'm stubborn that way.


Misty said...

That sucks about the prices and the pumpkins but you got some great pictures despite that! :)

Sara Biese said...

I agree......great pics. His eyes are so full of excitement and expression...that to me is priceless! :)