Friday, October 31, 2008

My Little Baggar Vance

The Elmo costume he begged and pleaded for is hanging lonely on his doorknob. After days and days of trying.....he still won't put it on. No, he has not fallen out of love with Elmo, he just has a "thing" about the costume. Poor, poor, lonely Elmo. If I could fit it, I would wear it, just to include him in my son's Halloween fun!

So....a golfer he is. More fitting if you ask me really. People have always commented that he looks "English" or "old fashioned" since the day he was born. Especially when his hair was red and curly. This outfit looks just like him. The cardi is my husband's from childhood, it's brown and gold as is the bow tie.

Since I know there are some anxious people out there wanting to see him..... I trespassed on a golf course to take these, and ended up using the wrong lens. That's what happens when you trespass I guess!!!! One is all I had time for, in between activities.

Happy Halloween All!!! Be Safe! Have fun! Brush your teeth tonight!....well, you should brush your teeth every night, hygenically speaking.


Stacey said...

What a cutie!!!!

Lisa Walsh said...

So cute!!!

(Have I REALLY been neglecting to check your blog, or are you working overtime??)