Monday, October 13, 2008

A Pink Kind of Day

I traveled North this past weekend through driving rain and snow. Through the hills covered in sunflower fields which I did not stop to photograph for fear I would be made to walk the rest of the way. Traveling with a destination dad there is only one way to travel...with few stops. (Just kidding dad)

My baby cousin got married this weekend and I got to spend her whole wedding day with her. I loved every minute. I don't get to spend much time with my up-yonder polish family, so to be included was wonderful.'s just really fun to be related to half the wedding party! She was calm and collected and beautiful. She has always been the little one that kind of floated on her toes in every day life, so you can only imagine what she was like on her wedding day. I only had my camera out for a short period of time and I apologize to the ND photographer if I annoyed him, but I just couldn't pass up a couple of shots behind his shoulder. Besides the kissing shot was my idea. And you would never guess it was about 20 below in those photos!

She had everything pink to commemorate breast cancer awareness. His mother had passed away from breast cancer so this was their way of celebrating her. Everything pink with pink ribbons.

It was a beautiful day with a lovely couple. I'm so glad my baby cousin chose such a sweet man. Congrats to you both!

More baby cousins. The one in pink came an awful long way to be here.......from Iraq. (Proud of you T., proud of you too H...Miss nearly graduated)

The second generation of baby cousins. Another polish blond.

This is my newest family member. He's good's in the genes!


Kara said...

I'm telling you- you should do weddings! I love that they did pink, and for the reason they did.

Stacey J. said...

I think I could do weddings....the destination kind. You know, where they pay for my plane ticket and then I sleep in a hamock for three days following. :) Seriously, though....I think I'll stick to the kiddos and teenagers. Less stress.

Kara said...

WAAAAAAAAY less stress. I agree. However, the destination wedding sounds fabulous.... who do we know that needs to get married?!?!?!

Krismisstree said...

You two could team up and share the stress, and then it would be fun.

Meanwhile, I will watch P and B for you, and bring my two kids too, so make sure whoever you are having pay for the destination wedding (photographers) also pays for the nanny. And all 4 children.

Beth said...

You can tell you are related to your cousin. What a beautiful bride! The pictures are touching.

Lisa Walsh said...

As the mother of a teenager, I beg to differ on the stress level thing. I'll take a wedding any day!

Stacey, does that yummy golden light follow you everywhere you go?

Beautiful! The first is my fav!

Stacey J. said...'ve got an idea there!

Thanks Beth. We both had people approach at the wedding and ask if we were sisters. We look a lot more alike when her hair is down.

Lisa~ well I don't have to live with them, so that's why I think the stress level is lower!!! I can only imagine what mine will be like as a teen.
The golden light does seem to follow me around a bit. Must be God's way of telling me that this is what I'm suppose to be doing. I think that's why I enjoy so much!

Misty said...

These are beautiful Stacey!!