Sunday, August 2, 2009

Deep Purple

Returning from a little vacation. Not exactly a relaxing one, but one childless one none-the less. I traveled down south one more time to another little Colorado town jam packed full of people. Regardless of the people though, it still a sight to see and am happy to have visited, if only for a couple of days.

I will update with the latest happenings in a while, but for now, I'll share the weeds that just called my name this past weekend. Their colors mesmerized me. The blues and the purples. Deep, deep purples. You never know sometimes what will inspire you!

P.S.... if you have been trying to get a hold of me, my phone is has not been in an area for reception, I will return calls and emails as soon as possible!!


BingO said...

I saw these on facebook and had to come over to see more! The bokeh is yummmmy! I have missed looking at your blog!

Louise said...

You're exactly right .. you never know what's going to inspire you. These are beautiful. I love the colors!!