Sunday, August 16, 2009

You Never Know What You're Going To Get

His mom told me he was into skateboards. So, I of course think this kiddo is going to show up with spiked hair and leather on. Maybe even a nose ring or two. Maybe a fake tattoo here or there.

That's not what I met yesterday morning when I met this little handsome heart breaker. He's pretty clean cut with some piercing blue eyes. And take it from me... I know what piercing blue eyes can do. They can wrap you around their finger is what they can do...with just one little look!!!!

Boy oh boy..... he sure does love his skate board!!!!!!

Maybe next time we can do the spiked hair and tatoos!!!!!


Heather Roach Photography said...

He is adorable! Great shots.

Lisa Walsh said...

You really got some great facial expressions from that one! Nice work!