Monday, August 31, 2009

Soft Southern Winds of The Live Oak Trees

I flew the friendly skies, through oceans made entirely of clouds, wishing a certain little boy were with me to see just what it is like to make shapes from the top of a cloud instead of the bottom. I found myself finding a lot of dinosaur shapes. That's the funny thing about leaving your kiddo behind sometimes. You know and feel you need to. Your sanity needs it. But it's like leaving one of your appendages behind.

We landed in South Carolina. In the mid day heat and humidity only to be saved with the cool breeze of the air conditioning of the rental car. We traveled south of Charleston to Edisto Island. I love picking Islands that I've never heard of to visit. Makes it kind of mysterious. And here's the thing about my travel plans...most of the time, I don't have them. I don't have time to make them. I have a destination. I have a place to sleep and a way to travel. But that's about it. The rest is winged.

Winging it seemed the perfect plan for this particular trip. I met some amazing people and saw some of the most amazing things in the short time I was there. There has to be something said about southern hospitality. Their sweet soft drawls just make me melt. I could be scolded and still be smiling because I love the way the letters all flow together like a wave.

Edisto Island is right off the back woods and roads of South Carolina. It's surrounded by live oaks. Cicadas. Sand. Heat. Gators. Loons.....and quiet.

Here are just a few shots. More to come, along with the stories behind them.


Mel said...

These completely make me miss the east coast.

Louise said...

These are all so beautiful. The last photo is absolutely stunning!