Tuesday, April 13, 2010

About that Red Color

As I was hauling boxes back and forth from the truck while moving into my new old house... my friend, who had volunteered to help (bless her heart and will probably never ever help move again after seeing how much STUFF we have), noticed my front door and commented on how green it was...how grossly green my front door was. I hadn't noticed it as much until then but after that it was my mission to make it better, she was right... its hideousness needed to go!

It only took me four months to get to it. (There is a LONG LONG list of things to get to.) But now that's it's done.... I don't know how I lived without it!

My little one picked the color. I told him I wanted it red and he could pick the shade. I think he did an AWESOME job at picking.

This is what it looked like before and yes the previous owners really liked to decorate with computer monitors and fake leaves and you can't really see the stains on the walls or ceilings either...but believe me, they were there.

Oh, and I couldn't forget the Gaelic welcome knocker!


Lisa Walsh said...

Now THAT is a red door! Looks fab!

Kristine Pratt said...

Your house looks great! I am very impressed.