Sunday, April 11, 2010

Edible Crayons

My little bird has a favorite color. Red. Which, is kind of abnormal for kiddos of that age, it has been his favorite since the beginning, never waivering....and for a while it was HIS favorite and could not be shared with others. Now he's all about sharing. Thank goodness, because red is my second favorite color. I really really like red. There has to be some sort of personality test for the both of us describing all our dominate traits connected to this color.

Well, we're at the age of coloring. Staying in lines. Making things the color they actually are. So today......we ate our crayons!

And they were delicious.

They were super super easy and would be fabulous for a birthday party, or back to school treat, or any other gathering involving kiddos.

You just need a couple things: Candy Melts (any color, can be found at any craft store or specialty food store), large pretzels and wrappers which you can find the templates here.
Dip the pretzels on both ends and let dry on wax paper. Wrap with printed wrappers (I used doubled sided tape to keep them together.

And there you go! An awesome treat!

Song: All for Love, Color Me Bad


Louise said...

2 Cool!! ;) Love this idea! So if red is your second favorite, what's your first?

Stacey J. said...


Helsbells said...

Tee hee so much fun! I love green too, but my favorite colour is blue.

Anonymous said...

Kolby's favorite color is red also!! His ceiling is red, and he demanded that was his room because it was red, and that we couldn't change it! Ha, no wonder they get along so well!