Friday, April 2, 2010

His Turn

I have a small collection of older cameras. Mostly ones that my dad has picked up for me here and there... or other sweet friends that know I enjoy photography so much. Today, I thought it would be fun for my little bird to try these out. He's always asking about them, and I'm always willing to feed the fire of interest.

"hmmm" he says...."what should we get next?"

This one was "amazing!!"

Then it was my turn. Boy can he get any older looking??

Because it fit the mood today..

Song: Shantytown Carnival, Jehro

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Dominique Long said...

These are sooo great! I have a collection of vintage cameras too! I have a similar one to your last pic...but mines a duplex III. I have about 10 now...most of them displayed on my wall in my living room and the oldest one goes back to 1902. I love them!