Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter, for most people living in Wyoming means... it's coming. It's not here yet. As usual, we celebrate the day with snow on the ground and stellar winds. Let's just say that we will rarely have one of those scenes in Steel Magnolias...where everyone is attending an Easter Egg hunt in sundresses and bonnets. We wear ski masks to keep the snow from going up our nose.... but we'll be darned if it doesn't keep us from hunting those eggs anyway.

Park and I attended one hunt. At the Botanical Gardens. All the eggs were full of seeds. It was really awesome and he will be able to plant them and watch them grow.

This was the boys this morning. All pastel-y. Looking sharp.

This is my dog that looks like a furry rabbit sometimes.....he likes his belly rubbed. I think he channels Budda.
And this was my table. Surrounded by people I love. Covered in food that was FANTASTIC! (that's my dad... he's telling stories!)

It was a beautiful day. Perfect in every way and I am very thankful for what I am surrounded by....and especially growing up all over again through the eyes a little boy that lights up my world.
Happy Easter Everyone. Alleluia!


April said...

What a fantastic day!!! Thank you again for letting us share it with you guys :)

Jenny said...

I have to say, I love everyone at that table too! :)

boywva said...

A very nice picture of your three Koerwitz boys!