Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Going To Be New

They will be moving away soon. To a whole other part of the country. Where it's not dry and snowy. It will be a huge adventure for them.

But I won't get to see this little one get bigger. At least through my lens.

I have moved almost every three years of my life. In the last few, it's only been new houses, but regardless, I know exactly what it's like. How much work goes into it. How it's hard at first to meet new people. How being new makes you an outsider for a while and rely on your family, no matter how small it is for the support you need. I know.

So, I want to wish them luck on their new adventure. I hope they get to see and do wonderful new things and embrace the newness!

This was my theme song growing up. I listened to it a lot.


Kristine Pratt said...

I love all of them so far!!! Thanks so much, they look great!

Deedee said...

OMG, she is beautiful! What great pictures.