Friday, August 20, 2010

I Want to Catch My Life....

It is said that “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."....which I found to be so true.  I look at the world around me, nearly 24 hours a day as if I'm looking through a lens, in only without one. Which way the light is making the silliest object look different. How the light will cast a shadow.  How a person or baby would look in it. How the colors meld. If I'm having a conversation with someone and my mind wanders... it's normally about how the sun is hitting them.

The thing about photography.... sometimes, it doesn't allow to look at things normally. 

I have forgotten, in the past couple of years to not worry about composition. About light. A snapshot. What is that?  I've forgotten.

So..... my goal. To catch things more. As they happen. Without reaction. Without worry. I want to catch my life as it matter how it's composed.

My baby is a dancer. A singer. A foot tapper. A hummer. He doesn't know he does it. He gets consumed by music. He shuts his eyes when he sings sometimes.  To be honest, I don't know why, I worried about my children and music. I wanted them to like it. Like I do. Sometimes..... you know, people don't. When I was pregnant with him, so much music made me sick. Literally. I was so afraid he wouldn't like it (the things you worry about when you are pregnant are not normal all the time).... I was that mom that played music though the earphones on my belly, because even though I couldn't listen to it, I wanted him to.  So, I know now I don't have to worry with him. He's an air guitar playing, head banging boy. Jump up and down,  sing into the hair brush,all over the place boy. And he has perfect rythm. Always has.  I love it.

He didn't know I was looking. I caught him dancing in the tub. I love it when he dances in the tub.

Song: Joshua Radin, These Photographs

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