Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Boulders and Rocks

January has always reminded me of the color blue. The most pale kind of blue. Like the color of snow in the morning when it has first come down and blankets me the world looks blue then. It looks peaceful. And sparkly. I tend to correlate most everything to a color, it's a little quirk. January also makes me think of the word "fresh" or "clean" as well. I'm a New Years cleaner. Meaning I do all my spring cleaning at the beginning of the year. I clean out the closets, the drawers, the floors, the walls, add fresh paint here and there, clean curtains... you get the picture. New Years must be clean. It's a little quirk. I have lots of them, like eating ice cream in the bathtub in the winter because I despise being cold...... but that's what makes me me.

I'm not in the practice of making annual resolutions. I normally have a perpetual list of behavioral traits that need tweaking. Maybe someday all the kinks will straighten out. I feel though as if I need to change the things I have control over and the quirks, the little things, they will all work out on their own....if they don't then I'm going to make for one eccentric older dame. My bet is on the latter, but I'm alright with that.

A great piece of advice I heard last night was simply this: Worry most about the boulders and the rocks and the stones and pebbles will all find their place.

In case you harbor any superstitions for the new year, go ahead and have a hefty bowl of this, black eyed pea stew (which was absolutely fantastic, and if you want the recipe, please let me know and I'll be happy to round it up for you!). ....or eat cabbage (which is absolutely not fantastic), or pomegranates. I ate all three today. I think I'm covered.

Happy New Year All!!!!! May 2009 be stupendous!!!!


Kara said...

Yes, please find me the recipe for that stew, because I will eat the whole pot by myself.



Your potato soup was delicious though, I forgot to tell you. And no, I did not eat the onions. :)

I never did get to tell you "THANK YOU!" for letting us invade your house, once again. It's so nice of you to host Christmas, and you get mad props this year doing it still, even though you were out of town until the morning of. You and Brady are fantastic!!! Love ya!

Stacey J. said...

LOL!!! Kara I think you're surpassing me in the "what I will NOT eat" deparment. It makes me laugh.
Glad you liked the potato soup, I noticed you picked them out and carefully laid them in a huge pile. lol.
No problem. We were happy to do it, it really wasn't bad at all.