Sunday, January 11, 2009

Got it. Used it.

The the card. Maxed it out. The library card that is. We spend a little time at the library a couple times of month, but I've vowed that we need to spend more time there. My baby boy has been a reading maniac (or book maniac) since day one. He absolutely enjoys books above toys. Soooo, instead of buying them and going broke, we got a library card. I decided I better use it too in effort to save as well. See.... I like buying books. I like to stack them up. Plus it's just another opportunity to shop! Though I rarely read something twice. So, in an effort to fulfill my obligation to read a few classics this year I started out with a little one (I already read Twilight (had to see what the hype was about) this week, which I bought, but it was unavailable at the library) so I don't really feel bad about this thin classic as my next choice.

Now all I need is a smoking book bag.

Oh and in case you're interested...there is story time at 11:00 Saturday mornings and 6:30 Thursday evening. We have an award winning library.... it's a wonderful place for imaginations to run wild!


Krista said...

Hope you got the Kleenex ready for "Of Mice and Men". The Library is such a fabulous place, especially when you have a book addiction. The Library was my main source of entertainment when I was first living on my own and not alot of extra money. Enjoy yourself!

Stacey J. said...

Yeah, I have it ready. I know how the story goes, just have never sat down to read it! I love how much more detail there is in books than the plays.
I spend a lot of time in the library as a kiddo..a lot in college too, but that wasn't as fun!

Kara said...

Unless it was the Library across the street from the dorms.... lol.

When we were kids, the library would have a limit of 25 books at a time. And you better believe Kristen and I each got 25 books each and then were ready to give them back and get 25 more the next week! We were reading FREAKS.

Amy Benzenhafer said...

Libraries are so much fun!!!

Lisa Walsh said...

I've been trying to get to the library for the past few days. I have a huge appetite for books, and can read one in a day if it's interesting and I have nothing pressing to do.

I've been wanting to read Twilight!

Stacey J. said...

Twilight was great. I'm now addicted and will read the rest in the next month or so. Saw the movie last night. Good movie. GREAT soundtrack. Didn't compare to the book.