Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shindig Food and Decoration

Had a little gathering here last night. There tends to be a lot of gathering in my house. If there is something to celebrate, you can bet there's a celebration going on here! The menu was jam packed of finger foods, which by the time I was done eating, it felt like a meal! These were the dessert. I normally don't serve a lot of sweets at gatherings, but I have been wanting to try these for months, and holy moly cow, they were worth the wait!

If you've ever had baklava, then you'll know about the dough for these. Phyllo. It's amazing. It like baking with sheets of really thin paper.

White Chocolate Mousse Tartletts

1 and 3/4 cups heavy whipping cream

6 ounces white chocolate

1 package phyllo sheets

about 1/2 cup unsalted butter (melted)

dust melted butter over one phyllo sheet, layer with another dust with butter. repeat for 4 layers. cut the phyllo sheet into six 5 inch squares. fold into small muffin pan leaving the edges sticking up. bake for 10-15 minutes at 350 until golden brown. let cool completely.

For mousse:

Melt the white chocolate and 3/4 cups of heavy whipping cream in saucepan on low heat. While that is cooking beat the remainder of the whipping cream in bowl until soft peaks form. When chocolate/cream mixture is completely melted, slowly fold into whipped cream and whip it again for another couple minutes.

Spoon mixture into phyllo cups. Top with whatever you want. The picture is grated chocolate., but I also topped them with fresh blueberries.

And since I didn't really want to buy decorations, I decided to make lots of bows..... out of magazines. I had them in glass bowls around the house. It wasn't over the top, but added a little touch. You can find out how to make them here. I used a glued gun with mine though. I loved how they came out and was always surprised how they looked.

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