Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have a few people that travel a few times a year to have pictures taken. These are the little ones that surprise me the most when I see them. This one... well, just look at her. Filled to the brim with spunk and orneriness. She's a redhead, what else would you expect! I was so happy to see her and how much she's grown, but was even happier now that I finally got to meet her little sister.

Also a redhead... and full of spunk too! They traveled 5 hours before these... and I think they did a magnificent job of modeling for me!


Lisa Walsh said...

Gorgeous lighting in that first image! It must feel great to have people travel so far for you to photograph them!

Kara said...

How come your clients are always so gosh darn CUTE!? I haven't seen a non-cute one yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it a requirement? LOL