Monday, July 27, 2009

Are You Protected?

From Monsters?
We are.

I happen to have a little one that is pretty afraid of the dark, or to be alone in the dark. He sleeps with lights on. (So do I but not because I'm afraid of the dark, it's because I'm too tired to get up and turn them off, so I sleep with them on) More often than not, I wake up with a foot up my nose or a finger in my ear that isn't mine. The other night, my baby asked me if there were any monsters in his room. As a parent, sometimes your brain runs wildly (at least mine does) and you come up with very strange spur of the moment answers. On this occasion... my answer

"of course not baby, I sprayed for them"
"you sprayed for them??!!"
"oh yeah, like bugs. They hate monster spray"
"they do?!!!"
"oh yeah, it works every time"
"did you get under my bed?!"
"I would never forget to spray under the bed!!!"

So, I knew eventually I could have to produce this monster spray. He wouldn't always believe that I sprayed while he brushed his teeth. So.......I went to Pierre 1 and picked up some some room spray, took the label off and re-labeled, calling it Monster Spray.

It smells like cake. (it's actually, vanilla butter cream or something like that)
My explanation for getting sweet smelling Monster Spray...

"Oh honey monsters hate cake... they only eat dirt and bugs. " have to be on your toes sometimes!!!!


Krista said...

Oh, I love it! You are so creative. You could probably market this, you know!

Louise said...

LOVE this idea!! I agree with Krista, you could market this for sure!!

Jeannie Reeves Photography said...

You are amazing!! Great idea! My boys hate Cows.. they are so afraid of the sound the cow makes, and when the lights are off.. they think a cow is there to get them...LOL

Holly said...

Cute idea! Caleb went outside one night and pounded on the wall and yelled at "the monsters" to go away and never come back. So now our kids think that the monsters are too scared of Daddy to come back. I think the neighbors are probably scared of Daddy now too. :)

Stacey J. said...

Louise and Krista~ that's exactly what I was thinking as I was typing this up!

Jeannie, lol, I've never heard of kiddos being afraid of cows, that's so funny!

Holly, good idea caleb had!

Jeannie Reeves Photography said...

I know my kids are strange.. but I do remember my 14 year old now was afraid of cow sounds when he was younger too.. must run in our family. LOL
Pixar Animations has a cow sounds in the begging of Toy Story and I think a few other movies.. MY kids FREAK out over it.. I really should video tape their reaction to it!