Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cosmetic Experiments

Sometimes I get a little hair to experiment in the kitchen without food. Today it was chapstick. I had ordered little containers a while back and a few candy flavors to flavor them. We go through chapstick here at the house quickly, so it's worth the time and effort to make our own every now and again.

In the past year I've learned a little about making lotions and lip balms and candles. They can all be made of the same ingredients just processed differently. So once you get the basics, you're good to go.

I learned a while back that most lip balms are not made to taste. It's a trick. They are fragranced and that in turn tricks your brain into thinking they are flavored when you put it on your lips, close to your nose (especially if there is some sort of sweetener added)

Today's mixture was a little crazy one.

I mixed 1 part beeswax, 1 part coconut oil, and 1 part sea butter with a dash of vitamin E and a dash of almond oil.
I melted these all together until it was all liquid. (it only takes about 50 seconds in the microwave.)
Then......I soaked a peach/green tea bag in that hot mixture until the green color was visible. And then I added grapefruit flavoring and raspberry flavoring to the mixture.
Once everything was added I poured them into chapstick tubes (PS... have you ever noticed how you kind of don't get much of a bang for your buck, they don't go clear to the bottom)

It smells sooooo fresh. It tastes mildly of green tea. My lips are super shiny and super happy!


Louise said...

You should open up a shop with everything you've made on your blog. It would be the most creative place in the country. I would be your first customer (purchasing the cookbook first). :)

Beth said...

Very fun project! Where did you find the containers?