Monday, July 13, 2009


Is this something you would picture when you think of Colorado? Yes? Me too.
This is exactly what I picture.
I picture running rivers. Majestic mountains, snow capped in July. Cold brisk air, even on a summer day.
After, I picture all of these things....I drive down there. In rush hour traffic where it is bumper to bumper for 3 hours to the top of the mountain. Hydroplaning in the cold hard rain in the middle of the city. By the time I reach the little resort I have a headache from trying to get to a place to relax. While visiting the resort town I find that the streets are shoulder to shoulder traffic from other people trying to the only place to actually in bed.

Regardless of the traffic you can't deny the beauty.

The colors and the seasons that overlap.
And the ski-lifts that run right in front of your view finder...... ski lifts?!!!

Yup... you can ride em' in the summer too!!!!!! YAY!!!!! My son rode one for the first time and surprisingly he LOVED it. (He gets to be kind of a fraidy-cat on occasion)

And when you get to the top... you get to come back down on these!!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!

And you get to look like this at the end!!!! (photo courtesy Breckenridge Alpine Slide photo, I didn't get any pictures coming down because I was too busy kicking every one's butt... yes it is a race!!)
So, in conclusion. Colorado may not be entirely relaxing at all times because every one wants to relax at the same time... but they do have some great outdoor sports!!!!

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Dominique Long said...

Wow, those pictures are amazing! And what a fun way to get back down the hill. I always love your pictures and look forward to seeing new ones!