Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strawberry Semi-Sorbato Prosecco Float

Don't you just want to sit outside and sip this? I sure did today. I sipped a couple actually.

You start out with this... which is beautiful in itself.
Then you put it in this... which is something we've had for 10 years now. It came from a garage sale when we were juniors in college for 3 whole dollars. I can remember my husband picking it up and grinning ear to ear. And I with the negative attitude that I normally have when he gets that kind of look.."what are you going to do with that?"..."are you really going to use that ?" my 20 year old self said.
1000 uses later. 100's of happy hot summer days later.
Today I was soooo happy to have it.

It made this. Are you drooling on the keyboard yet. I am and I already ate it all.

Then I put it in a glass... and I could have just left it just like that. (which I did for my kiddo... he gobbled up evey bit and then licked the glass clean.) But I couldn't it, needed a little something. A little adult fizz.

Strawberry Semi-Sorbato Prosecco Float

Chop strawberries and cover with one cup of sugar. Leave in large bowl until juicy. Puree mixture. Add lemon juice and whipping cream. Process in ice cream maker according to directions. Put in freezer for at least an hour before serving. Scoop desired amount of sorbato into glass. Cover with prosecco or sparkling wine of choice. The ice cream will float to the top. Garnish with strawberries and lemon.
*normally for an actual sorbato you would strain the juices so there wouldn't be any seeds. I leave them in to make it feel a little more "home-made"


Christene said...

Ummm, yummmm! I really need an ice cream maker now.

Stacey J. said...

Christene... I think I'm going to try this with blueberries this weekend... I can't hardly wait!

Jenny said...

This does look really reallly good!

Christene said...

Oh I didn't even think about blueberries! We just went blueberry pickin' and I have a freezer full of them!

Louise said...

This looks soooo good!! I need to make time to do things like this. I'm looking forward to seeing your blueberry concoction.

Lisa Walsh said...

Oh, that looks so incredibly yummy.