Tuesday, September 1, 2009

They Have Their Arms Open and Waiting....

Waking up to the fog in the south is much different than waking up to fog on the high country prairie. The main difference.... it's still warm and it doesn't really affect happenings of the day. This was my view of the morning on Edisto Island. Shortly after, I found myself eating breakfast at the Seacow Cafe with Pat and Dave from "up yonder" (In little towns there is often times not enough room at the local cafe for everyone to have their own table... so you share.) Dave and Pat visit the island several times a year. Pat described the oaks that cover the highways all the way down highway 74 as having their arms open and waiting for her to embrace, a statement that gave me new perspective of the way I saw them...

The first stop on the little tour of the area was at the American Tea Plantation. The only one in the whole U.S. Yes, there are other producers of tea, but they import their leaves.
A man named Bill owns this plantation. His best friend, Mr. Bigelow, and himself, came up with the idea of cultivating and growing the perfect tea plants.
Since Early Grey tea is one of my favorite smells in the entire universe, I was elated when I found they make it right there. Along with so many other flavors.

Banana spiders are all over the place. Hanging from trees. This was just a little one.

The second stop, thanks to the man at the plantation, was the Angel Oak Tree. It's the oldest Oak tree in SC. Over 500 years old. It sits behind St. John's Church. (A rightful spot.) It was one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen and my photos don't really do justice to it.

Fresh seafood was a must. I had it all. I love seafood, especially fresh from the ocean, there isn't anything like it!

Little old shacks weren't uncommon. Neither were sprawling mansions.

It rained all the way on the walk to the lighthouse (which I might add was nearly 100 miles..so it seemed) When your legs are not accustomed to walking in the sand, they tire quickly. Even though it rained, it was a welcome rain. I never once got cold.

On the way there was an abandoned shack full of graffiti. Me genius photographer mind thought this would be a perfect place to take some portraits...until I stepped in a huge bed of CACTUS!!!!! My husband, wearing tennis shoes hauled me out on his back and helped me carefully pick the 100 needles out of my feet. And honestly...the only thing I was thinking of, was that I couldn't wait to get home and call Parker to tell him that his mama stepped in cactus! He was so proud.

We drove back to Edisto in a flash flood. Made home safe. It's all part of the adventure. And this is how the evening ended!


Shannon said...

Gorgeous pictures!! I'm glad you two had fun, you deserve it more than anyone I know! :)

Amanda said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time & captured some beautiful images.

Lisa Walsh said...

I LOVE the tree shots. It must have been so amazing in person.

Louise said...

Again, gorgeous shots Stacey!! I love the seafood photo.