Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bare Minimum Lotion

So I tried something today that I've been wanting to try for a long time....and I LOVED it.

I made lotion. Mind you, it's probably the most simple recipe known to man kind and I sure didn't make it any harder.

I followed this recipe. Though, I didn't get the special olive oil. I used what was in my kitchen. (which I don't really know if that will have a longtime affect of its shelf life, but mine will be gone before I know anyway) I also used almond oil that I had left over from making lip balm instead of the coconut oil. And I scented it so I wouldn't smell like a salad (olive oil tends to do that). I scented it with pomegranate and vanilla essential oils....LOVE IT. But what I like most about it... I can pronounce the ingredients. There are no preservatives (which goes to tell, it probably needs to be used sooner rather than later.) Also, it makes your skin shiny, which in the summertime on tan legs.... it'll be awesome!!

It was super easy and I completely recommend it to anyone with a little spare time (can you all tell, I've had a day to play today!?)

*edited to say: The pomegranate/ vanilla "essential oil" is a synthetic fragrance...I think they had another use for the term "essential."


Holly said...

I've been thinking of trying this recipe too but haven't gotten around to it yet. Did it make your hands greasy? That's where I'd want to use it most. I've never heard of pomegranate essential oil. Where did you find that? You must have some great store around there! Was your vanilla an absolute? Pomegranate and vanilla would make a tremendous soap. Want to try that too? :)

Stacey J. said...

Um, I wouldn't call it greasy, but shiny (oily) which doesn't last that long. The pomegranate/ vanilla "essential oil" (that's what was on the package) was a synthetic frangrance. I can never find a great combination of good smells with pure essential oils.

Lisa Walsh said...

Good Lord woman! Do you ever sleep?

I think I'm going to try this, although it's really only worth it if I can find a fun container. I DO think you have the best stores!

I also think that vanilla and pomegranate would make a nice adult beverage of some sort.