Monday, December 22, 2008

Sticky Flakes

I'm about Christmas crafted out. I'm been going at warp speed and am nearing that "is Christmas here yet?" phase. These were the last on my list. Luckily they are so simple and you can do just about anything. The only materials you need is some fabric puff paint (99 cents for a little tube of it), some waxed paper and a cookie sheet. I found the idea here. The doors were frozen solid yesterday, and they ended up not wanting to stick too badly, so, I ended up moving my homemade window clings to the bathroom. I must say when I got up this morning and looked into the mirror, it made me smile. As the directions say, it's easier to use small compact designs because they were a little tricky to get off the wax paper. Patience is a must. But it was worth it. Since we're not looking at having too much of a white Christmas here on the prairie, I thought we at least needed these!

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