Thursday, December 18, 2008


I saw this long long ago and was reminded of it when I walked into one of my good friends house for a shindig and they had just applied a great new vinyl saying on their wall. So, I called up my printing store on Monday (yes they are my personal printing people... OK, well not really, but I can pretend) and said "hey, can I just have three letters made and can you do it in a jiffy?" and knowing me, I probably really did use the word "jiffy" because I'm dorky that way. So I picked them up today and I had picked up some little white plates at the dollar store (sometimes I like to take Park there because he won't break me and there are some really dumb, but interesting things there) earlier and I just stuck them on there. Super, fast, easy decoration or little gift. Of course it can be more complicated if you want, but I'm a little more on the simple side (no cracks).

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Louise said...

I love this idea. I've ordered letters and sayings from Wonderful Graffiti for our walls, but this is great because it's not so permanent.