Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Projects

When I moved into this old house of mine, there in the corner of the dining room was a huge, old built in cabinet. Now, ordinarily, I am a fan of built in cabinets. Ordinarily though, the cabinets are attractive. This was not my favorite built in cabinet. It was a cross between 1972 Rhinestone Cowboy style and Victorian. It was too atrocious to even photograph. It needed to go and three days after I moved in... it went. (If you're dying to see it, it was donated to a consignment shop.)

Instead of replacing it with more cabinets, I had my own. My 1940's hutch from a little shop in Thermopolis that no longer exists. And then we added custom molding around the whole thing. I LOVE custom molding. Chair rail. Crown molding.....etc. And for Christmas, three years ago, I was given a metier cutter. Though, I am not the one to do the cutting (goal... lean to use my own metier cutter!!!) I do come up with the ideas.

The second project I have been wanting to try for a while now. Simple. Takes about 10 minutes. I had an old frame with nothing in and so I thought putting a chalkboard in it would make it a little more desirable. It hangs in my loft where guests will be staying and I was hoping people would leave words of wisdom on it as they pass through... (there are a lot of passer-throughers.)
You can buy chalkboard paint in a spray or a can (I used the can as I think it covers a little bit better) I got a piece of scrap wood from Home Depot (fifty one cents for scrap wood of any size) Paint it, and stick it in the frame. Easy and awesome. Think the little man needs one in his room as well... another project for another day!

And I have also realized that technology has ruined my handwriting. I have reverted back to writing like I did in 6th grade.

If you can't read it, it says " Still around the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate." by J.R.R. Tolkein (Author of Lord of the Rings, other Lord of the Rings, then watch it) It's his birthday today.


Krista said...

Great ideas Stacey!!! I LOVE the chalkboard in a frame....fabulous!

Shannon said...

So I heard about this hutch and frame..I'm glad I finally got to see it. I can't wait to see your house and what you've done to it! :)

Louise said...

Beautiful corner!!

I love your chalkboard frame idea. A couple of years ago I painted part of a wall in our basement with chalkboard paint and framed it with crown moulding. The kids love it!

I saw some pics recently where someone painted a couple of their kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint. Another neat idea.

Looking forward to more of your projects. :)