Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sometimes I come home from my day, walk into my house, throw on the most comfortable clothes I own (which are normally old worn out sweatshirts that I have for ten years), curl up under a blanket with the sleepy little one I just woke from a nap and snuggle. Quietly.
I look around me and think to myself how lucky I am. How much I have. How much I haven't lost and the things I do gripe about, the little things that bother me, the tiny things that shouldn't be thought about twice....are let go. Because someone out there, while I'm being bothered by little things, is dealing with something so much bigger. So much harder. From that... I gather perspective.
Today was one of those sometimes. And the little things have been let go. It's a good feeling.


Sara said...

I love tulips! What a great picture!

Dominique Long said...

Oh wow! That second one is ESPECIALLY amazing!