Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gum Chewing Dino Loving 4 year Old

"It was an unusually warm January day the day you were born. You were born with black hair and....."



"Do you think Anklyosaurus' are herbivores or carnivores and if an Anklyosaurus got into a fight with a T-rex...who would win, and mom, do you think people will bring me dinosaur presents and do I have to share them with other people, and can I put them in my room where ever I want them?"

That was my special moment with him...and it was typical Park.

He turned 4. He got to chew gum today for the first time. HE LOVED IT!!!
I can't believe he's 4. It is soaring by so quickly. Please slow down. Let him be little for 10 more years. Please.

We had a special visitor this year... my big brother flew in from Alaska to help us celebrate. It was so good to have him here.

They played pirates. For hours. Do I see a new phase in the distance.... who knows!!!! I'm going to have to pick up a book on pirate dialog if it is a new phase!


JAKTH said...

HAPPY DINO BIRTHDAY PARKER!!! Can't believe our boys are four. Where did the time go?!?!

Kara said...

It's sooo weird to see pictures with backgrounds I don't recognize!!

Brecken loves gum, too. He does amazingly well- he's only swallowed it once, ever.

Hope Park's birthday was great! Love that your brother played pirates for so long! (Pirates are big in our house too- you should hear B say "arg, matey!" He gets this face on him that cracks me up every time!)