Monday, May 3, 2010


There are certain people that God puts here on earth for very special jobs. I am an amazingly lucky woman to get to meet and spend just a little bit of time with these people. Take one little glimpse into their lives hold it still for just a single second.

This sweet girl is the sunshine of her mothers life.

Her mom lives and breathes her well being.

She showers her with kisses and hugs and sweet whispers in her ears.

She loves her more than life itself.

And she holds her and holds her and holds her. It is one of the most beautiful relationships I've ever witnessed and I'm so thankful I got to.

God put this mom on earth for a reason and she has done her job well. She's proof angles live among us.


Kara said...

Um, goosebumps and tears. I'm not joking. Beautiful.

Dominique Long said...

Wow. Yes, goosebumps and tears...that was an amazing post.